Real Estate Law

Purchase and Sale of Real Property

Negotiation and preparation of real estate purchase and sale agreements  for improved or unimproved residential, commercial, and industrial  properties and resource lands

Matters involving the condition of real property being purchased and sold 

Preparation of various types of deeds 

Preparation and/or review of other closing documents 

Preparation of escrow instructions and escrow agreements 

Real Estate Financing

Promissory notes and deeds of trust

Real estate contracts 

Security agreements and instruments relating to commercial real estate loan transactions 


Other loan documents 

Residential and commercial loan matters  

Real Estate Leasing

Commercial leases of retail, office, and industrial buildings

Ground leases 

Residential leases 

Gravel mining leases and profit à prendre documents 

Negotiation and Preparation of Documents Concerning Construction and Use of Real Estate

Build to suit agreements

Construction contracts 

Easement instruments and agreements (including complex easement instruments and agreements relating to real estate development) 

Covenants running with the land  

Real Property Title Issue

Evaluation of title documents

Negotiation with title insurance  companies concerning legal descriptions and title exceptions set forth in title company commitments for title insurance 

Boundary encroachment and adverse use and possession issues 

Boundary line agreements 

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